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Our system connects to, monitors, controls and acquires data from a large assortment of field devices, equipment, and instrumentation and also manages the many mechanical and chemical processes used for air scrubbing.

Mill Production Monitoring

Our Mill “Production Monitoring & Reporting System” (PMR) has been designed to be easily configured and implemented for any process weighing and/or packing station application. The system can be expanded to accommodate up to ten process weighers and ten packing scales respectively on a single PMR system.


There are several critical control points throughout the brewery. One critical measurement is dissolved oxygen (DO). DO is measured in water purification, fermentation, aging, filtration, and filling. Dissolved oxygen monitoring throughout various stages in the brewery is critical to quality control as well as increasing final product shelf life. Too much oxygen may affect the beer's shelf life. Too little oxygen in the fermentation stage will affect the yeast's effectiveness.
Opto Controls (Pty) Ltd has developed a Quality Control Monitoring and Reporting application which allows collecting information on DO Integration at strategic stages of the brewing process. The application saves data collected to a SQL Server database and appropriate reports are made available for the QC manager to pull out.

Carbon In Leach Plant Monitoring

The “Carbon In Leach” (CIL) is a production process used in gold recovery where the ore slurry is treated to recover the gold and other metals.The CIL process is therefore the heart of the gold mining operation and needs to be closely monitored in order to maintain precise control of the pH, DO, Redox, density, cyanide concentration and temperature in order to recover the maximum residual gold within the slurry.
Opto Controls (Pty) Ltd has developed a web based remote monitoring solution with Mobie HMI and real-time graphical interface to the CIL production process with real-time and historical super-trends of the process, configurable SMS and e-mail alarms and a production reporting database. This allows metallurgists the ability to view the CIL production process at any location in real-time, and immediately respond to any imbalance in the process. Maintenance crew can respond to configured alarms such as blockages, low or high pressures, power trip conditions etc. while management will have the ability to query a lack of a timely response to any configured alarm condition. Operators can identify problematic areas and view any fault at its actual location within the plant, while being able to witness and verify the repair and clearance of the fault at its source with their mobile device.

Concrete Batching System